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Vibrating surfaces are often dampened by applying visco-elastic materials directly to the surface, thus converting the vibration energy to heat. The flexing of the damping material provides the energy dissipation and “decay” to reduce noise. Metal no longer “rings” when it is struck or excited by airborne noise.

Light beige, non-reflective stipple finish.

85.3 lb./cu. ft (wet), 72.9 lb./cu. ft. (dry), 350 pentrometer viscosity at 80°F.  Sprayable loose paste.

All components have FDA approval. Vermin resistant.

Chemical Resistivity:
Resists dilute acids, alkalies, grease, gasoline, aliphatic oils. Dried coating will soften with prolonged soaking in water, but will recover after subsequent drying.

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Material Safety Data Sheet (OSHA) available upon request.

Flame Resistance:
Passes ASTM E162-76
Flame Spread 0.59
Smoke Developed 0.1

Temperature Limits:
Useful range of 25° to 120°F; maximum service range of -20° to 120°F. Coating is non-ageing. WARNING: Wet material is an emulsion and therefore should be protected from freezing.

Recommended Coverage:

Application Information:

  • Base material should be free of grease, oil, dirt, scale and moisture. Wire Brushing is recommended.

  • Adhesion is greatly improved on unfinished metal surfaces if zinc chromate or red oxide primer is applied first.

  • Can be applied by high pressure pump airless spray equipment. (Recommended pump ratios are 20:1, 30:1, and 40:1. Maximum tip size: 0.045 inch.)

  • Maximum application thickness per layer: 9/64” wet, which dries hard in 24 hrs. @ 77°F. A 1/32” layer dries hard in 4 hrs. @ 77°F, or can be dried in 5 min. at 220°F.

Effectiveness: Recommended coverage will result in damping ratio of at least 50 dB per second at 60°F. Specific performance may be affected by geometric configurations and, therefore, should be determined empirically.

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