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VIBRATION ISOLATION DEMONSTRATION: Controlling Mechanical Sound Transmission


Sound IsolatorsVibration IsolationSound transference and vibration isolation can often prove to be obtuse and relatively difficult to understand.  Common problems like footfall from upstairs neighbors, industrial noise from machinery and HVAC equipment or isolating speakers and scientific devices can require completely different approaches.  Most often, an on site assessment should be completed by a qualified engineering professional to determine an appropriate acoustic solution.  In many cases the solution will require a modification to the structure and implement more than a single strategy.

This simple vibration demonstration challenges to provide a basic understanding of how acoustical materials may be used to prevent the spread of mechanical noise and vibration through existing structures like walls, floors and ceilings.

In this acoustic demonstration, a surface mounted piezo transducer connected to an analog meter will register levels of sound vibrations transmitted to the table.  A vibrating device placed directly on the surface will transmit sound vibrations and resonate loudly throughout the table.  These vibrations will register on the analog meter.  By inserting isolation materials between the device and the surface, the mechanical sound transmission is reduced and sound no longer registers on the meter.



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