Cloudscape® Ceiling Baffles

Cloudscape® Baffles are an economical way to reduce sound pressure levels and lower reverberation times in large spaces such as gymnasiums, theaters, restaurants, health and fitness clubs, etc. Reverberation times can be lowered from a RT60 of 4 - 9 seconds down to a RT60 of 0.5 - 2 seconds. Speech intelligibility is greatly improved and sound intensity levels can be simultaneously reduced by 3 to 12 decibels.

These baffles are easily suspended from existing open truss and pre-engineered suspension systems. They are designed to hang in a vertical fashion, allowing free flow of air and integrate exceptionally well with existing sprinklers, lighting and HVAC systems.

Cloudscape Baffles

Standard Cloudscape®
PVC Baffle 

Product Code: CSBF
Size: 4' x 2' x 1.5" (Standard)
Wrap: Heat-sealed PVC Film (2.5 mil - 9 Colors)
Mount: 2 grommets per baffle 

Cloudscape PVC Baffle

2" Cloudscape® PVC Baffle

Product Code: CSBF2

2" thick version of our standard baffle with PVC fabric.

Cloudscape Sailcloth Baffle

2" Cloudscape® Sailcloth Baffle

Product Code: CSBF2S

2" Baffle with Durable Rip-stop Nylon fabric.

Cloudscape Exterior Baffle

2" Cloudscape® Exterior Baffle

Product Code: CSBF2E

2" Baffle wrapped for Exterior Use.