Sound Absorbers

These sound absorbing materials are used to eliminate sound reflections to improve speech intelligibility, reduce standing waves and prevent comb filtering.  A wide variety of materials can be applied to walls and ceilings depending on your application and environment. These materials vary in thickness and in shape to achieve different absorption ratings depending on the specific sound requirements

Sonora® Acoustical Products

Sonora® Glass Fiber Products

The Sonora® Series of Glass Fiber Absorbers includes Acoustic Wall Panels, Ceiling Clouds, Ceiling Tiles, Corner Bass traps, Low Frequncy Control Panels, and Baffles.

Cloudscape® Ceiling Baffles & Banners

Cloudscape® Ceiling Baffles & Banners

The Cloudscape® line of sound control Baffles and Banners is used when free-flow of air is crucial along with noise suppression.

Acosutical Foam Panels

Acoustical Foam Panels

These acoustical foams are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from Recording and Broadcast Studios to Commercial and Industrial Facilities. Available in Polyurethane or in a Class 1 Fire Rated foam.

ToneTile® Painable/Printable Panels

Tone Tiles® Paintable Panels

This panel system is a quick and easy acoustical solution for any space. Their soft drywall finish can be painted or printed to fit the aesthetic of a space.

Sound Channels® Acoustical Wall Covering

Sound Channels® Acoustical Wall Covering

Sound Channels® is a dimensional fabric that offers excellent acoustical properties, unmatched fade resistance, and more.

Clouoscape® Ceiling Tiles

Cloudscape® Ceiling Tiles

These Ceiling Tiles absorb noise and block sound transmission. Designed to fit standard 24" x 24" grid systems or direct mount to wall or ceiling.

 StratiQuilt® Fiberglass Blankets & Rolls

 StratiQuilt™ Fiberglass Blankets & Rolls

Quilted fiberglass material combines noise barrier performance and efficient sound absorption. Available in Rolls or Panels.

Specialty Sound Absorbers

Specialty Sound Absorbers

We have custom products to address specific acoustical needs. Products in this category include HiPer Panel®, Silent Pictures®, Quiet Louver™, Geometrix™ Broadband Absorbers, and Sound Shims™.