ArtDiffusor® Trim (ArtTrim)

ArtDiffusor® Trim is a versatile building material which allows numerous options for modifying a room's acoustics. A high frequency quadratic diffuser by design, both profiles offer diffusion in similar ranges, while allowing for opportunities to drastically change the aesthetic. The different profiles can be used individually or together to vary the look and achieve the desired performance.

Additionally, ArtDiffusor® Trim can be installed with an air gap behind them and with varied spacing to create slot absorbers for low frequency control in addition to the high frequency diffusion. Planks come in unfinished maple, but can be other various species, finished or raw, giving the end user the flexibility to customize the look themselves.

ArtDiffusor® Trim (ArtTrim) Alternating A and B profiles.
ArtTrim Profiles A and B

The ArtDiffusor® Trim is an acoustically diffusive building product that allows for customizable installations.

Some examples of different installations include:     
     * back wall diffusion
     * installation over or behind a stretchwall
     * chair-rail up or down
     * door and window molding
     * and many more

The standard size of a plank is about 1" x 4" x 48", however, longer planks can be provided if required.

Standard Size: 1.125” x 4” x 48”
Two Standard Profiles:
        Profile Type A: Prime 7 QRD Configuration
        Profile Type B: Spline Interpolated Prime 7 QRD

Material: Maple (Other woods available)

Mount: Direct mount

(Note: Minimum order quantity of 96 linear feet.)