Geometrix™ Broadband/Bass Trap

The Geometrix™ Broadband Bass Trap is a sculptured sound absorbing panel used for wall, corner and ceiling applications. Available in half-rounds or quarter-rounds. This unit can be installed vertically or horizontally to create dynamic installations.

Acoustics First® Geometrix™ are useful in acoustic treatments for studios, theaters or settings that require critical listening and low frequency reduction. Geometrix™ demonstrates outstanding performance in all sound frequency ranges. Tests measure 1.54 Absorption at 125 Hz!

The Geometrix™ is wrapped on the exposed face, top and bottom with a Guilford of Maine FR701 2100 Series woven polyester fabric. Z-clips are the recommended mounting method.

Sizes: Half Round: 24" Diameter (only) Quarter Round: 12" Radius (only)
Lengths: Standard lengths of 48"(4') and 96"(8').
Custom lengths are available; please contact us.
Fire Rating: Class A

Geometrix™ Broadback Absorber and Bass Trap