Sonora® LFC Panel  (Low-Frequency Control Panel)

The Sonora® Low-Frequency Control (LFC) panel is unique in the Acoustics First line of sound absorbing products. These low-frequency absorbers are tuned for alleviating bass build-up in a room while allowing the higher frequencies to breathe. Broadband bass traps can be overused in performance environments where there are other products already in place to control high frequencies - like diffusers or other broadband threatments.

The Sonora® LFC is focused squarely on the rumble/boomy bass frequencies below 250 Hz. Sounds within these ranges are more susceptible to buildup from room modes and contribute to the "rumble and boominess" of a space. The Sonora® LFC panel is a great option for studios, theaters, or any critical listening environment where low frequency control is desired without over-absorbing high frequencies.

Sonora® LFC (Low-Frequency Control) Panel
Sonora® LFC with Z-Bars

Construction: The core construction is a multi-density glass fiberboard with a resonant reflective face. It is then wrapped in an acoustically transparent fabric. Finishes are returned to the back for a fully tailored edge.

Edge Detail: All edges are resin hardened and square.

Standard Mounting: 2 piece Z-Bars.

Acoustical Performance: NRC=0.45
(NRC is an average of 250Hz-2000Hz frequencies)

Fire Rating: All components have a Class “A” rating per ASTM E84

Size: 4.125" thickness and 48" x 48" (Standard)

Colors: Guilford of Maine FR701 Style 2100
(white and eggshell are available at additional cost)