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ArtDiffusor® Nouveau™ Sound Diffuser


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Available Size:
2.75” x 11.25” x 48”

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Material:  Poplar

Direct mount, Z-Bars


ArtDiffusor® Nouveau™ is the latest in the line of diffusive building materials from Acoustics First®. These versatile wood diffusor planks provide numerous options for customizing and optimizing acoustics for architectural and critical listening applications. A quadratic diffuser by design, the robust profile’s acoustic performance is matched by its aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Two ArtDiffusor® Nouveau™ planks can be installed abutted, side by side, to create a single 2’x4’ quadratic diffuser in either a ‘convex’ or ‘concave’ configuration. For larger architectural applications, many pieces may be abutted to create a ‘rolling’ pattern with both convex and concave quadratic effects in a single array.

The ArtDiffusor® Nouveau™ is an acoustically diffusive building product that allows for customizable installations.

Some examples of different installations include:

  • back wall diffusion
  • architectural diffusion
  • installation over or behind a stretchwall
  • chair-rail up or down
  • and many more
The standard size of a plank is about 2.75" x 11.25" x 48", however, longer planks can be provided if required.

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