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Sonora® Acoustical Panels | Fabric Wrapped: Ceiling Clouds, Ceiling Baffles, Bass Traps

The Sonora® Series acoustical sound panels utilize 6-7 PCF glass fiber material for maximum absorption. Available as wall panels, ceiling tiles, hanging baffles, acoustical clouds and bass traps, with more than 50 standard colors to choose from, these materials will look as good as they sound. The standard sizes and configurations best maximize raw materials, however, many of these products can be customized to meet specific requirements should you need material sized to fit or other finishes or coverings.

Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Panels

Sonora® Wall Panels Sonora® Acoustical Wall Panels
High Density (6-7 PCF) Sonora® Glass Fiber Wall Panels, covered with an acoustically transparent fabric, are used in a variety of applications to add absorption that looks as good as it sounds.  
Sonora® Wall Panels »
Sonora® Ceiling Clouds Sonora® Ceiling Clouds
Ceiling clouds reduce reflected sound in areas such as theaters, restaurants, arenas, shopping malls, convention centers, recording and broadcast rooms.
Sonora® Ceiling Clouds »
Sonora® Ceiling Tiles Sonora® Ceiling Tiles
Sonora® Ceiling Tiles are an excellent choice for a variety of ceiling grid applications requiring high absorption.  These ceiling tiles are available in a variety of finish options.

Sonora® Ceiling Tiles »
Sonora® Ceiling Baffles Sonora® Fabric Wrapped Ceiling Baffles
Sonora® Fabric Wrapped Ceiling Baffles are covered with an acoustically transparent fabric and coordinate with Sonora® Wall Panels.  Suspend these from ceiling trusses or other supports to reduce reverberation overhead.

Sonora® Ceiling Baffles »
Geometrix™ Broadband Absorber Geometrix™ Broadband Absorber
Sculptured sound absorbing modular units used for walls, as corner traps, bass traps and ceiling applications.  Available in half-rounds or quarter-rounds. 
Geometrix™ Broadband Absorber »

Specialty Absorbers

These specialty absorbers coordinate visually with the Sonora Series products.

Tone Tile™ White Paintable Acoustical Wall Panels
This panel system is a quick and easy acoustical solution for any space.  These uniquely sized panels can be painted on site to match or complement any color scheme.
More on the Tone Tile™ Paintable Acoustical System »

Sonora® Sound Shim™

Sonora® SoundShim™
Sonora® Sound Shim™ wall panels are used for acoustical absorption with a strong design element.
Sonora® Sound Shim™, Angled Absorber »

Sonora Black Board

Sonora® Black Acoustic Board & Blanket
Sonora® Black Acoustic Boards & Blankets are a low-cost, light weight acoustic board with a black matte facing that have high sound absorption properties and can be installed in various ceiling or wall applications. 
Sonora® Black Acosutic Board & Blankets »

HiPer Panel

HiPer Panel™
The HiPer Panel™ (US Patent # 7,314,114) combines absorption and diffusion into one sound panel, similar in appearance to standard fabric-covered acoustical wall panels.
HiPer Panel™ »
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