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Sonora® Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Wall Panels

Sonora Acoustical Wall Panels, previously referred to as Respond Panels, are used to reduce echo and reverberation in applications, small and large. These panels are manufactured from a rigid high density (6-7 PCF) glass fiber acoustical board and covered with an acoustically transparent fabric.  The edges on these decorative wall panels are chemically hardened and offer several edge design choices. 

These absorbers are suitable for all applications including offices, recording, broadcast, worship facilities, schools, gymnasiums, museums, auditoriums, theaters or any application that requires an acoustical solution.  Sonora sound panels also make a great alternative to fabric stretch wall systems. These sound control panels look as good as they sound.

SOUND ABSORPTION: How Acoustical Panels Improve Sound

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Sonora® Wall Panels

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      PANEL OPTIONS (1, 2, 3) Please provide selections when ordering or requesting a quotation.


Guilford of Maine FR701 2100
(Eggshell/White at additional cost)

Square, Bevel, Radius

Impaling Clips Z-Clips
(Special Order)
Please Contact Acoustics First for any quantity pricing or a quotation for materials and shipping. Minimums may apply.

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      Technical Information

Construction:  6-7 PCF rigid glass fiber core, hardened edges, wrapped with acoustically transparent fabric. The board is certified on average to contain at least 30% recycled glass, with 4% post-consumer and 26% pre-consumer content.

Panel Depth:
1" and 2" - Standard     3" and 4" - Special order
  Custom Shapes, odd sizes, cut-outs, alternative fabrics and manufacturing to CAD drawings can also be quoted. 
Please contact customer service for further assistance.

Fire Rating: Class A (ASTM E 84)
Flame spread of 25 or less

Adders: additional High Impact (abuse resistant) / Tackable facing is available to improve durability and tackablility while maintaining acoustical properties.


        Sonora® Acoustical Panel Specifications

  Sonora® Acoustical Wall Panels 1"
  Sonora® Acoustical Wall Panels 2"
  Sonora® Acoustical Wall Panels 3"
  Sonora® Acoustical Wall Panels 4"
  Sonora® Acoustical Wall Panels 1-1/8" High Impact / Tackable
  Sonora® Acoustical Wall Panels 2-1/8" High Impact / Tackable
acoustical panel edge designs

Ships Via: Common Carrier Motor Freight (Freight Information) 2'x4' or smaller may ship via UPS / FedEx Service.

Sound Absorption Coefficients (ASTM C423)
Type Thickness 125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 4000 Hz NRC
6-7 PCF 1" 0.09 0.27 0.80 1.01 1.03 1.01 0.80
6-7 PCF 2" 0.45 0.82 1.17 1.08 1.05 1.09 1.05
6-7 PCF 3" 0.75 1.11 1.19 1.07 1.06 1.09 1.10
6-7 PCF 4" 0.95 1.04 1.14 1.09 1.07 1.09 1.10
High Impact 1 0.10 0.43 0.92 1.04 1.00 1.00 0.85
High Impact 2 0.55 0.95 1.16 1.04 1.05 1.07 1.05
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Sonora® Acoustical Wall Panels are the premier choice for reducing reverberation and improving speech clarity.  Available in many sizes and colors, these absorbers are suitable for many applications. This includes offices, worship facilities, schools, gymnasiums, museums, auditoriums, or any application that requires an acoustical solution. 
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