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The State of Church Technology

The State of Church Technology
Excerpt from Worship Technologies. May 2010

Material: Absorbers, Barriers, Diffusers, Sonora Wall Panels, Sonora Ceiling Baffles, Cloudscape Baffles


The acoustics of a facility are usually overlooked until it's too late or they are so bad that they make the audio unmanageable. However, acoustics considerations should represent some of the first steps taken—from the acoustical quality of the room itself, to noise from the HVAC system, to leakage of sound from other rooms within the church building. When accounted for up front, during the planning and design stages, dealing with acoustical considerations can be much more cost effective and less stressful than making changes once all the construction is complete.

More so existing spaces such as office parks, business complexes, and warehouse spaces are being converted to worship spaces as well as treating existing facilities. Nick Colleran, vice president of Acoustics First Corp. in Richmond, Va., says, "Acoustical wall panels are the first and most prevalent item added to a sanctuary to reduce reverberation and control sound reflections. For a multi-purpose room, the product is ceiling baffles."

It is in these environments that acoustical considerations are key to the success of the facility in accomplishing its new purpose. Or, churches that were built prior to high-energy music (bass, drums and amplified instruments) becoming commonplace in a worship setting.

"Acoustical wall panels provide the best-looking, lowest cost, and easiest to install first stage of acoustical treatment for a traditional sanctuary that must now accommodate a high-energy praise band," says Colleran, however, he cautions, "A sound system should not be bought solely because it sounded good somewhere else. It may be a good indication that the designer specified correctly for the room, and the same designer may be a good choice to analyze and recommend a system for your room."

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