StratiQuilt™ Fiberglass Blankets and Rolls

Quilted Fiberglass Blankets, Rolls & Panel Curtains combine absorption and barrier material for use in areas that require tough, flexible materials and provide a surface that can be wiped clean. These can be great for machine and industrial enclosures, recording GoBos, and can be hung as temporary acoustical panels. 

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StratiQuilt® Fiberglass Blankets

 StratiQuilt™ Fiberglass Blankets

StratiQuilt™ Fiberglass Blankets are used to improve speech intelligibility. The quilted fiberglass material is available in single or double faced configurations.

 StratiQuilt® Fiberglass Rolls

 StratiQuilt™ Fiberglass Rolls

All StratiQuilt™ fiberglass materials are available in raw form for fabricating materials on site.