Stratiquilt™ SQ124

StratiQuilt™ Double Faced Blanket controls reverberant energy and handles tough noise problems. This material is available in standard panels or in rolls for fabrication in the field.

Construction: Construction: Two layers of 1” thick, 2 lb./cu.ft density fiberglass batting, quilted between two layers of aluminum-vinyl coated fiberglass facing material. All panels have standard brass grommets 12" O.C. on top hanging side.
Standard panels: Available in widths up to 48" and in standard lengths of 6', 8' and 10'.
Roll Size: 48” wide, 25 ft. long. Unbound Edges
NRC: 0.85

Stratiquilt™ Blankets

SQ124 - Double Faced Blanket

Color: Metalic Gray
Weight: 0.5 lb./sq.ft. ; 72 oz./sq. yd.
Thickness: 2" nominal
Flame Resistance: Class 1 rated per ASTM E84-70:
Chemical Resistivity: Resists oils, grease, moisture, mild acids and alkalis, dirt, dust, and salt atmospheres.
Facing can be steam cleaned or washed with common industrial cleaners.
Temperature Limits: Service range of -20° to 180°F (continuous).