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Acoustical Noise and Sound Barriers


These dense materials are used to block the transmission of airborne sound by providing mass to existing structures or hung as a limp mass partitions.  Use these materials to soundproof walls, floors, and ceilings.

For more information on blocking sound, watch the video at the following link:
The Barrier and The Bell Video Demonstration

BlockAid® Vinyl Sound Barrier (Non-Reinforced)
BlockAid® Vinyl Sound Barrier, also known as mass loaded vinyl (MLV), is a limp-mass material used to block unwanted noise and reduce sound transmission without reducing valuable room space. 
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BlockAid® Acoustical Sound Sealant
BlockAid® Acoustical Sound Sealant, used for soundproofing, maintains a rubber-like seal against airborne sound and reduces sound transmission through walls, floors and ceilings.
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BlockAid® Transparent Sound Barrier
Transparent Vinyl Sound Barrier is recommended where observation or supervision is desired.  It is an excellent material to use over windows where sound blocking is needed, and it is desirable to retain the light coming through the windows. 
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BlockAid® Reinforced Sound Barrier
BlockAid® Reinforced Vinyl Sound Barrier is a mass loaded vinyl (MLV) material to use when sound blocking is needed and a rugged and durable material is desired to construct a hanging limp mass partition.
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