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Acoustical Foam Absorber Panels


These acoustical foam sound absorbers are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from Recording and Broadcast Studios to Commercial and Industrial Facilities. Available in Polyurethane or in a Class 1 Fire Rated foam.  These products can be applied directly to walls, hung as baffles or used as freestanding absorbers.

Other Foams Don't Stack Up!
Cutting Wedge 2000® Stackable Foam Cutting Wedge® Classic
The Cutting Wedge 2000® design enables you to increase thickness quickly by nesting layers instead of buying incompatible products.
Cutting Wedge 2000® »
  Cutting Wedge® CLASSIC installs to create seamless absorptive walls, and enhance imaging by reducing unwanted reflections. Available in 1'x1' or 2'x4' sheets.
Cutting Wedge® Classic »

Traditional Foam Patterns
Standard patterns include Wedge, Pyramid, Max Wedge for low frequency absorption, Ceiling Baffles, Bermuda Triangle Traps for corners, Sounds Cylinders free standing absorbers, the 1014 AcoustiKit™ and more.
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FireFlex™ Class 1 Fire Rated Acoustical Foam
FireFlex Foam Absorbers are lightweight open cell foams used when a Class 1 fire rated foam is required.  Standard patterns include Wedge, Pyramid, Max Wedge, Ceiling Baffles and more.  These can easily mount to walls or ceilings.
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Custom Made Large Anechoic Wedges Anechoic Wedges
Designed for controlling low frequency sound, these custom manufactured, large foam wedges are used to create acoustic test chambers with no sound reflections. 
Anechoic Wedges »

Specialty Acoustical Foam
Bermuda Triangle Trap® Sound Cylinder™ 1014 AcoustiKit™ Composite Foam
Corner Bass Traps Freestanding Absorber Control Room Kit Soundproof Enclosures
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