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Sound Diffusers/Diffusors

These devices reduce the intensity of sound by scattering it over an expanded area, rather than eliminating the sound reflections as an absorber would. Traditional spatial diffusers, such as the polycylindrical (barrel) shapes also double as low frequency traps. Temporal diffusers, such as binary arrays and quadratics, scatter sound in a manner similar to diffraction of light, where the timing of reflections from an uneven surface of varying depths causes interference which spreads the sound. VIDEO: DIFFUSING / SCATTERING SOUND: Sound Diffusion Explained

Aeolian® Diffuser

Aeolian® Diffuser
The Aeolian® Diffuser uses a mix of technologies to create an organic quadratic diffuser.
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Art Diffusor Series

Art Diffusors®
The Art Diffusor® is the premier patented, two dimensional, binary array sound diffuser for use in many applications and critical listening environments. 
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  Traditional Style Diffusers
This diffuser generates a uniform polar response over a broad frequency range using a pre-rotated pyramidal pattern to create 16 angles of reflection.
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  Pyramidal Diffuser
This traditional industry workhorse disperses sound uniformly over a broad frequency range. A quick solution to reduce flutter echo.
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Double Duty Diffuser®
These Polycylindrical Diffusers do twice the work. They scatter sound and function as a bass trap.
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  Quadratic Diffuser Model Q
A true quadratic residue diffuser designed for uniform broadband scattering and reducing High-Q reflections.
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Specialty Diffusers (Custom Manufactured)
HiPer Panel™ Diffuser
The HiPer Panel™ combines absorption and diffusion into one sound panel. Use this when a flat diffusor panel is required.
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ArtDiffusor® Trim
ArtDiffusor® Trim combines a beautiful, versatile building material with a high-frequency quadratic diffuser. Two unique profiles to mix and match!
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